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The first words of "Goodbye Germany" at the death of Jens Büchner


For more than seven years, they have accompanied Jens Büchner through life. Now the cult immigrant is dead. In a strenuous position on Instagram, Goodbye Germany is saying good-bye to his television star.

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Jens Büchner died, singer Ballermann died at the age of 49. This was announced by his leadership, quoting his family Saturday night in a short statement on Facebook. According to the TV emigrant "after a short but difficult struggle, he fell asleep peacefully." The former resident of the jungle camp leaves behind his wife Daniela and eight children. The two youngsters, twins Diego Armani and Jenna Soraya, are only two years old.

"Goodbye Germany" also complains Jens Büchner. For seven years, Vox accompanied the Mallorcan election with the room. Station staff had become a member of the family for Büchners.

"Incredible and infinitely sad"

On the official website of Instagram of "Goodbye Germany" the leadership statement was shared. The team wrote: "Unbelievable and infinitely sad." Then the staff returns personally to Jens: "Our journey must not end here, we are in thought with you, Danni and the children!"

A spokeswoman Vox also confirmed the German press agency that the emigrant's death. "The whole station, and especially our shooting team, who have accompanied him and his family for seven years to Goodbye Germany and have built a close relationship at that time, are deeply shocked." You would have known him as a person with harsh edges, but a very good heart. "Our sincere condolences apply primarily to his wife Danni, to his children and to the whole family," the statement said.

In 2010, Jens Büchner first appeared in front of the room for the Vox "Goodbye Deutschland" show. At that time he emigrated with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Matthias to Mallorca, together they wanted to build their existence – but they failed. In 2011, the first episode shone on the screens. The "Malle-Jens" quickly became a figure of worship.

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