Friday , March 31 2023

The Nintendo boss fits completely into the life stream


Despite several attempts by moderators to ablate, they did not give up. Her boss wanted to know why the stream was not running. Even after the two tried to explain that the stream is already live on the net, they did not leave.

Then, suddenly, killed the head of Nintendo Russia Yasha Haddaji, even in the photo. I do not know that the following scenes will be broadcast live on the Internet, it has remained completely. He complains that he has not received a message from VKontakte and says the creek has not yet begun. What he should have known: VKontakte does not send their push messages to all users.

"Are you mentally disabled?"

One of the moderators is trying to save the boss and urges colleagues to stop the microphone or hide. But he did not help. "Are you mentally handicapped?", He argued for an employee. "I'll shoot you, I'm sorry for you," he shouted.
After a few minutes, then he realizes what's going on. "Is that the bastard that's going on, can someone tell you this?", Shouts visibly shocked before disappearing from the picture and then returns for "Grande Finale". "Stop, stop it," he heard screaming. Then, the stream is loose and then deleted.

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Fans and colleagues want to keep it away

However, some fans recorded the stream and put it back on Youtube. A lot to delight the employees of the Nintendo chief of Russia. You want to use this video to finally mark this.
Again and again employees reported on the reddit online ranging platform and rage. And it also attracted the fans' dissatisfaction. Some games that they did not translate into Russian or came strictly strictly to the market.

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