Monday , June 27 2022

Toto: Not thirteen – 165,000 in the quadruple jackpot


Vienna (APA) – The guaranteed 100,000-euro jackpot has not yet been broken. In the thirteenth round of the upcoming round, it is now a jackpot of four jackpots of 165,000 euros. Even in the jackpots on the twelve and in the target wait. The deadline for round 48A is Tuesday at 18.45.

~ Toto-Gewinnermittlung round 47B (information no guarantee): No thirteen, quadruple jackpot with 150,638.72 euro

(165,000 expectations) Twelve, jackpot with 10,483.24 17 penalties each 137.00 231 ten for each 20.10 510 bonus of 3.80 each

1st bet: Jackpot with betting 1.401.22 2nd rank: Goal betting jackpot 560.45 Rank 3: 33 for each 21.20 hat trick: Jackpot with 111.778.07 ~

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