Saturday , March 6 2021

What do Diablo Immortal decision makers say about fans' criticism? (Podcast)

At BlizzCon I talked to developers Diablo Immortal. At BlizzCon I talked to developers Diablo Immortal.

How Much is Diablo in Immortal? Above all, we wanted to find out that in our BlizzCon interview with developers. The rendered demo left many things to be desired: inventory, mana, character progress, and most of the new MMO features. So what's going to be for a game when it's over? We talked about it with two Blizzard developers.

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It was also what developers at overwhelming negative community feedback also tells if it could be a mistake to present the game in its current state.

Helen Cheng

Helen Cheng is Senior Game Designer at Diablo Immortal and has collaborated with Blizzard on Cataclysm, Mist of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor since 2010. She is primarily responsible for Dungeons, Territories, Quests and Story.

Dan Elggren

Dan Elggren is a Blizzard production director responsible for creating new games. He previously worked at, Command & Conquer 3 and Medal of Honor.

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