Sunday , May 29 2022

Activist Jamsa shot the dead in Rangamati


This incident happened Thursday night in the Bandaratala area of ​​the Sadar village of Baradam
Langadu Police Station Ranjan Kumar said.

Baja Chakma (35) son of Surendra Chakma in the village of Karubaripara in Pune,

In the incident, JSS (MN Larma) accuses UPDF, but UPDF is equally compatible
They denied it

Jana Sanghati
Langgun Wounded President along Chakma said, "In recent days
UPDF threatens to kill Baja Do not hit the house
A local person would spend the night at home.

At 1 pm, UPDF shot six dead people and ran away
Alanga said.

Denied, the head of the UPDF Information and Broadcasting Division, Niran Chakma, said: "There is no such thing
I do not know the facts. And this may be due to their own conflicts. "

They also argued that their organization was not involved in the incident.

Ranjan said the body was recovered and was held in the Langadu police station. If there is a case in this case
Legal measures will be taken.

As a protest against the Santu Larma peace treaty with the government on the hill
UPSD was formed by Chittagong Jana Sanghati Samity (JSS) and formed President Khusa.

A century ago, Samita Jana Sanghati was formed under the direction of Sudha Sindhu Khisar, broke another point
JSS (Mn Larma) UPDF came out last year from UPDF
Tapan Jyoti Chakma Varma, a new party called (Democrat).

This is
With the division, armed conflicts have started to rise in the mountains lately.
UPDF (Democrat) leader Tapnojoti Chakma also killed in an attack in May

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