Saturday , October 1 2022

Apple confessed to having a touch screen error


Apple's US technology company has admitted that their iPhone has a touch screen error. The organization also announced error-free recovery. Telegraph and Bloomberg News

Recently, Apple said the two popular products include iPhone Tens and 13-inch Macbook Pro have errors. Some dozens of iPhone devices do not work or stop working. Again some devices do not touch the screen even if it works.

A few months ago, some TEN iPhone users complained about the device's touch screen defects. However, the American company was so silent that the problem was so silent. Apple recently said, iPhone tone user screen errors will be changed for free. But if someone changes the screen to the detriment of the person, it will be reimbursed.

Last September, Apple introduced three new iPhone simultaneously. One of the anniversary of this is the iPhone's iPhone version. It started selling last November. However, in September this year, Apple stopped selling iPhone because of the new iPhone revealed.

In 2016, the touch screen of the iPhone 6 Plus had a similar error. For $ 149, Apple corrected the error.

In addition to the iPhone tone, Apple admitted that there was a problem with the 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop. The company said the error was found in a limited number of 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops. Because of this, data disappeared from these devices and the drive fails. These laptops were sold between June and June this year. These laptops will also get free free defects.

Last year Apple was accused of reducing the efficacy of the older iPhone model. At that time, Apple was informed that software updates were upgraded to keep older iPhone batteries running. That's why the device slowed down. Apple went under severe criticism Later, the American company took the program to replace the battery.

Three years ago, MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops with the Apple Butterfly keyboard have been released on the market. Apple has best claimed the keyboard used on these laptops. In the middle of this year, some MacBook and MacBook Pro users have been complaining about errors on these keyboards. Subsequently, Apple announced a free keyboard change.

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