Tuesday , February 7 2023

Attack on the embassy in Bangladesh in Kuwait – vandalism, officially beaten


There are more than 400 people in Bangladesh who live in Kuwait. These people in Bangladesh who work in a company called Lekko are not receiving salaries in the past three months. They do not get newspapers or "Akama" to work. On Thursday, these workers have vandalized the Bangladesh embassy in Kuwait.

At that time, the workers beat the HOC Embassy and the Consulate Anisuzzaman. The consulate was hospitalized because the injury was serious. Besides, three other officials of the passport and visa branch were also beaten for consular salvage. The Kuwait embassy now surrounds the Kuwait police.

Ambassador SM Abul Kalam recognized the embassy's circumstance and vandalism. He said, "Come to the office in the morning, we see two or three hundred people gathering in the embassy and outside. After we left the car, eight to ten people started talking about their problems.

Abul Kalam also said that I said, "Come into the room to talk to me with a team of five to seven people." While coming to my room. Coming in the room, they said different texts, including their three-month salary in the Lecce company. Me and the embassy officials pay attention to their problems and do not have a note.

The Ambassador also said: "The delegation calls Lecoco officials in front of the delegation, at which point Lexo official said Lesko's bank accounts had been seized since July last year." Two days ago, Lesko's seizure account the salary and allowances will be paid by February 5. Besides, the issue of the Akamy Progress of Workers in Bangladesh was also reported.The delegation was provided by Lecoco officials, however the Consulate Embassy Anisuzzaman and three officials were beaten.

Eyewitness sources said workers in Bangladesh working with Lecoco began to rush before the Kuwait Embassy on Thursday at 9:00. When Ambassador SM Abul Kalam came to the office, the workers gave slogans as they left the car. The delegation of the seven members met later with the ambassador. In the middle came representatives of Lecco. After the talks became fruitful, the consular anisuzzaman went to Lekko's representative to go to the car. Bangladesh's assaulted workers beat the consular official. Three officers were attacked by the workers in his salvation. Apart from that, the furniture and the passport and visa section computers were dismantled. Many embassy computers were broken. During the incident, the Kuwait police were informed of the incident. The police came and surrounded the embassy in Bangladesh.

Ambassador Abul Kalam said: "Computers have been broken, so what is the consular section of the program? Does not the country's resources come to destroy the right people?

Workers say they came to Kuwait to work with Lecoco. They do not receive salaries for four months. Their accusations or accreditations have not been given. They are confronted with the problem. More than 400 workers in Bangladesh live in a stable life because of these problems.

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