Monday , March 20 2023

Awami League is my first team: Dipajal | entertainment


Awami League is my first team: Dipjal

In front of Elections Parliament elections, Monwar film actor Hossain Dipjal bought Awami League nomination titles from the Dhaka-14 (Mirpur) chair. They bought the appointments from the Awami League President's office in the city of Dhanmondi in the city on Saturday. She hopes Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will nominate her.

Dipjal said he served as a 14-year-old elected counselor in Dhaka Section 9. I would like to go to parliament to win. You want to be the leader of the general people, not the leader.

Monowar Hossain Dipjal Ordinary people You know as a BNP man. When asked about it, he said, I was never in the BNP. As far as I know, there is no name in the BNP. I did not have any counselor choices for any party. I selected the counselor as an independent candidate. My first Awami League team He said he wants to hold elections for the Awami League.

Awakened actors, He said we selected the counselor as an independent candidate. Everyone has a popularity. If Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gives him a nomination, no one else will stay there, I will pass Inshallah

Asked when the election campaign begins eater I just filed the nomination files. After selecting the candidate, I will start the electoral campaign after the confirmation of my place. I'm looking forward to the team's decision.

Ittefaq / Z.H.

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