Monday , January 24 2022

Bangladesh wins 218 rounds in the Mirpur test || Game || Janakantha


Bangladesh wins 218 rounds in the Mirpur test

Online directory. Bangladesh beats two Mirpur series of matches In the second raid, Zimbabwe was on its own for 224 rounds, and Bangladesh won 218 rounds. Winning the throw, Bangladesh declared inning for 722 rounds in 7 gates in the first rounds. Zimbabwe first starts at 304 rounds Bangladesh declared 224 for 6 in the two rounds and Zimbabwe won the goal of 443 rounds. Today, when Zimbabwe broke the 224 rounds on the fifth day, Bangladesh won 218 rounds.

The Bangladesh rate in this test was not possible. Negative results could be one, draw to Zimbabwe If the Tigers could come out of this match or not even on the fifth day, Tigers Brendan Taylor stood on the wall. Finally, the batsman was left without 106 rounds. Taylor scored 110 in the first half.

But, ultimately, all the resistance broke out and Mahmudullah Riyad left the field with a great victory. The match ended with a 1-1 draw by the hosts. Miraj took five gates in two rounds of favor in Bangladesh. Taizul 2 and Mustafiz have 1 ice. Mushfiq, who scored 218 in the first half, became the best player of the game

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