Wednesday , May 31 2023

Detained by the insurance officer in Talabahana, Bogra to pay the money –


Tuesday, more than 100 customers of the San LIFo office in Bogra
When the meeting triggered the protest, the police detained Santak and took him to the police station, police station Bogra Sadar
OC SM Badiuzzaman said.

He said, "Peace has been detained for interrogation.
The decision will be taken after you have considered everything. "

Halima Khatun of the Joka village in Shajahanpur thana said,
They have secured 10 years by paying 300 rupees per month. Expiration date
The San Lifa Authority has made various transactions over the past year to pay dividends, including initial money.

Lovely Khatun from the same village said, hundreds of customers like them
When they went to Sun Life office Tuesday, confrontations with officials began. In one stage
The police came to the police station and took office from Sun Life's office.

Protesters say five
San LIFE authorities are reluctant to pay about six million customers

A client named Jobade Khatun said that for the girl's marriage,
He assured you. Now he does not get the money to marry the girl. San Lifes
Local officials said they would give money if they received permission from Dhaka.

Asked about AMD Md. Dresses cool
Prior to the arrest, told reporters that because of the "problems" of the Dhaka office, customers were not checked
They could not pay the money of about 5,000 customers in time.

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