Monday , September 26 2022

Do not worry about Mashrafe


Mahabalasta in front of Mashrafe Bin Mortaza The ODI captain in Bangladesh was nominated from the Narail-2 constituency in the eleventh national election. There are also a series of ODIs with three matches against the West Indies during the election campaign. The 9, 11 and 14 December matches will take place in Dhaka and Sylhet. BCB Cricket Committee Chairman Akram Khan said the two Mashrafe will be able to cope with the selection and the game together.

He said, "I'm talking from the cricketing point that if Mashrafe gives us time in the series, then it will not be a problem. And he's a very experienced player. Its quality is very good. Therefore, such players can adapt to any mental and physical situation. Akram Khan also said we are not worried about him, and if we can play, it's an important thing for us. And if we practice, if we practice regularly, then we will have no problem.

BCB has announced a 13-member team for the Dhaka test against West India. Tamim Iqbal did not return to the team. Imrul Kayes was not included in the squad. Soumya Sarker and Nabin Sadman Islam are team-opener Akram Khan said: "The opening player that is important in the opening is hurrying is a good opportunity for those who play." In a match there are no matches no running If you manage to do well for the team also good for them This year, several players in Bangladesh have been unsuccessful in the Test, Sadman awaiting his debut in the next Test, and Akram Khan's explanation of the anointing so – Some players are injured – Our players will also have the opportunity to see some players in the test – we are lucky that in the last 10 or twelve years the four or five players are playing in Bangladesh. as well as a limit for how many years they will play, so we have to look at new players, this is a positive part. those who have the opportunity, if they do well, then there will be no problem later. Those less likely to play in the future test team will have the opportunity to play in the BCL.

Bangladesh has won the test form in Chittagong, the same formula will be in the Dhaka test? Akram Khan said the issue is under discussion. He said, we think. Not only did the spins have done well, our Momin played well. Shakib did well in beatings. Riyad, lower order drummer Naeem did well. Team performance is important. The wicket type, if the team is good, if the team then wins the team's morale is good. Our first victory against the West Indies (in the Testing of the country) has increased confidence. It is important to win the first match of the series. But stone is a factor. Throwing is important. The opportunity to win our series was made. That would be the best team I will try. It can also be a quick opening or opening. Where is the rhythm assistant wicket, where is the best rhythm in Bangladesh without Mostafiz? Akram Khan said that because of our home series, we can take everyone in the squad. In Chittagong there were gates. So I took the spinner. Tomorrow (today) the team will be practicing. We'll see the felt. Many of our young children are doing well. Who is not in the team. Those with the team are doing well. Tigers wins for the first time on home ground against West Indies Bangladesh will play the best team for this

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