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Election Campaign in Social Media


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Reporter: Even after removing the banner poster-promotion of the election, the fresco wall or another place, the campaign runs on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and various social networks.

However, there is no directive in the electoral code of conduct because of possible candidates' images, symbols, promotion of political organization. Although there is a risk of misuse because of non-restriction, the problem is taken positively.

Pursuant to the Electoral Commission directive, banner posters, festivals, or other places have been abandoned in Rangpur-Dinajpur. But millions of posts have been propagated by the social media on YouTube or Facebook.

Many people are afraid of inappropriate use due to lack of training in the electoral code of conduct. But law enforcement agencies say the issue is under observation.

The Rangpur Regional Election Office, Sahatab Hossain, said that using Social Media, charges of violating the electoral code of conduct would effectively take the executive magistrate in accordance with the rules.

However, if the use of this means of communication is used to remove the opponent's candidate, then the person or party will be affected by the ICT Act, the RPM commissioner said.

Rangamat Metropolitan Police Commissioner Alimuddin Mahmud said we will take proper action if we find allegations of violation of the Digital Security Act.

RAB-13 chief Mozammel Hossain said the whole issue is in different dimensional observations, if someone posts a government agency or a character, and if we receive the complaint, we will take action.

Working Hours / November 22, 2012 / MAS

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