Sunday , May 22 2022

Facebook employees are frustrated


Facebook workers have come to frustration. Employees are frustrated by data leakage after one. Already more than one top employee has left Facebook. This information has recently been published in a report.

A report published in the Wall Street Journal said 52% of employees were optimistic about the future of the company last year. This year, the number decreased to 32% in a single stroke.

The report also said: "Facebook is a very difficult year for employees in 2018. In the past year, many important events have weakened the minds of the company's employees.

Because of the credibility of the company, Facebook's share price was due. The company has failed to attract new customers recently. For these reasons, the impact of the workers' mentality.

In the meantime, Instagram left his founder Kevin Sterrom. Prior to that, Facebook launched two founders of WhatsApp, Brian Aktan and Ian Koum. Instagram and WhatsApp owned by Facebook.

Facebook has earned a total of $ 5.1 billion in the quarter ending September 30. Despite the huge gains, the workers feel frustrated.

(DhakaTimes / November 16th / AZ)

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