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Farhan Akhtar's "Casual Film Night" and Shibani Dandekar "Date of the Katjual Movie" with his lover "Farhan" Shevani Danger


Farhan Akhtar and Shivani Dandekar are now the most influential in Bollywood about love. In social media Thursday, Shibani shared her photo and Farhan's film about Casual Film Night. In the legend, Shivani has published photos celebrating Farhan Akhtar's birthday. He wrote in the title of the post: "There is not much to do, just like watching the night movie, celebrating Farhan Akhtar's birthday."

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Earlier this week, Farhan Akhtar posted a picture of himself and Shibani. In subtitling a photo taken with Shivani in a pool, he wrote: "As long as I am with you, I will not lose anywhere."

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It is certain that Shibani shared the post on Farhan's birthday. "Since she has the most beautiful tattoos all over the world and today her happy birthday, many love!" Shivani wrote.

Although Shibani and Farhan have not confirmed their relationship, they are often in the Instagram profile of the other. Previously, Farhan married the famous stylist Bhabani, the names of his two daughters – Sakya and Akira.

Sivani Dandekar, renowned for his film show as "The Stage, Style and the City" and "Top Model India". He has also made part of several television shows such as Khatrok Ke Khiladi and Jhalak Dikhla Jha. After the Indian Premier League began to move, Shivani became more famous.

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