Thursday , March 30 2023

Ferdous teaches a bike at Purnima


Ferdous and Purnima, the famous two stars of the Bengali film. They were recently linked to a movie called "Gangchil". Movie shooting begins very soon. The role of an NGO activist in the film is the portrayal of the Purnima script. Those who live beside the needs of ordinary people in the village. Call them to go fast

But to go quickly, the heroine will have to go on a motorcycle. There is no reference to the village either, those who are called by the search will be exposed to the customer service. So what can be done? Hero is going to go on a motorcycle and call the villagers. But the full moon does not know how to drive the bike. The heroine solves the problem.

Which is the solution? The answer is that the protagonist and favorite friend of his painting, Ferrados, teaches the accomplice to take a bicycle to his hand. The hero has done this task in the last week. Purnima is also very glad to receive co-star and friend Ferdous as coach. So he posted some pictures of the training on his Facebook page.

Nim Imtiaz The Nation leads "Gangchil". This is built on the novel "Gangchil" written by the Awami League Roadway Communication and the Minister of the Autonomy Obaidul Quader. The book was launched at the Ekram Ekushhey Book Fair in 2015. Where there is a story about the life and livelihood of a Noakhali region.

The two main characters of the story will be seen as two popular actors, Ferdous and Purnima. So, before preparing for filming, to make his character in the picture beforehand, preparing for the first time, Purnima prepares. Practicing the motorcycle at Ferdous

Dhaka Times / November 19 / AH

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