Thursday , March 30 2023

Gayashwar nora Nipun Roy was detained


Nipun Roy Chowdhury with stick in hand during the Nayapaltan conflict Photo: Fakas Bangla

In the case of Naya Paltan in the capital, BNP's central committee member, Nipun Roy Chowdhury, along with seven people, received five days of interrogation arrest. Dhaka, magistrate Satyabrata Shikder, granted a five-day arrest for a Friday's 10-day arrest petition. At 12 o'clock, Nipun Roy was sent to the court at the Minto Road Information Service.

Nayapaltan BNP activists clashed with the police in front of BNP's central office on Wednesday after selling the appointment form before the 11th parliamentary elections. At that time, many activists vandalized and burned police vehicles. Police arrested 65 people in three cases in connection with the police attack, arson and arson. And in these three cases, Nipun Roy was accused.

Later on Thursday evening, police arrested Nipun Rai from Kakrail's night in the capital while leaving BNP's central office. Nipun Roy-nuts of BNP Standing Committee members, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy

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