Tuesday , January 31 2023

Metro Rail will start in December … – 727017 | Kaler Kantho


The progress of the Uttara first phase works on the Agargaon Metro Rail project is now visible. Authorities say that if this speed is not hindered, the railway movement will start this year. However, experts from the beginning of the second phase are anxious to see. They say that if the project does not control traffic in the Motijheel area of ​​Farmgate, it will be affected. The general manager of the project refers to alternatives.

In the Uttara capital, the two metallurgical lines are now visible in pairs, with a pair of two pillars. Two railway lines will be on this girdle. Each pillar rises from Uttara to Agargaon. On the other hand, guards are built in Dibari. Metro Rail will run this route in December, after everything is fine.

Metro Rail Executive Director MA N Siddiqui said: "The viaduct is one and a half kilometers, maybe 60-70%. We will continue to install the railway line there so that the trains can be started on arrival train.

On the other hand, the second phase increased by two tenths by four percent last December. According to the Pallabi division of Agargaon, in managing the traffic in which the city's inhabitants suffer, experts in this huge task of managing these busy jobs in crowded areas such as Farmgate, Karwanbazar, Shahbagh, Motijheel are major challenges for those concerned .

City Planner, Professor Aktar Mahmud, said: "It is a great challenge to manage our civil suffering during this period. The more comfort it can bring, the more comfort it will return.

In this case, the authorities talk about alternative traffic plans from the first-hand work experience. Under the revised plan, the work of this section is due to be completed by December 2020.

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