Wednesday , May 31 2023

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Thirty-first is not the ceremony on the roof of the house: Mr. Minister

Reporter Online Asaduzzaman Interior Minister Khan Kamal said the election was not an overnight event. In addition, Thirty Fast Night can not make DJ doing gadaj in the hotel. No DJ party in any hotel.

He told reporters after Sunday's (18 November) meeting to celebrate the next Christmas at the secretariat and to maintain law and order during the first thirty-night.

On December 31, Dhaka University can not be admitted without a sticker day and night. The minister said: "Thirty Fast Night can not do a DJ party by creating gaadarangi in the hotel." DJs can not party in any hotel, hotels can not park cars in other places outside their parking lot. "

Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said that on December 25, security measures will be taken in all churches, there are approximately 3,500 churches in the country. Therefore, can not be described in pyrotechnical Christmas and biscuits.

The interior minister has called for the national elections of the country, the English language departure formalities the next day to avoid chaos and not to make security arrangements.

He said that, one of the festivals of the Christian community, there will be special security arrangements for each church in each church. You can not boil fireworks or potatoes on the night at Thaertfestert. In addition, churches will have security arrangements with their own volunteers.

Secretary of the Public Security Department, Mostafa Kamal Uddin, security secretary Farid Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury, RAB general manager Benazir Ahmed, senior leaders of the Christian association and law enforcement were present at the meeting.

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