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Publishing wedding photos from Deepika


Before that, in marriage there is no such star, who knows. So much so that marriage can not be taken, but the picture can not be taken. One day after marriage, Deepika Padukone shared the photo itself. Deepakika posted two photos on his Facebook wall on Thursday at 21:00. But nothing was written in the photo capture. Both of them felt very noisy in the movie.

Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone married Konkan on Wednesday, local time on Wednesday. Thursday, they were married again in Sindhi.

The day before, this is the day of Deepakir's Mehedi ceremony. The night is in the ring.

Warm Balbelel of Lake Komor was covered in tight security coverage. Deepawadi does not want their wedding photos to spread in front of them everywhere. So invited only 40 people invited to the wedding did not take any picture. Even security workers have been trained to put a special security band for all guests and resorts and to put a special label on each phone's phone so that no one can take pictures by phone.

Mehdi played trumpet with Deepika's favorite artist, classic Indian musician Shuvah Mudgal The eyewitnesses said the bride became excited after listening to Shuvar's music. Deepika's eyes were tears throughout the Mehdi ceremony.

Indian artist Harshadip Kaur reads at Mehndi Harshadwip has released a photo of Lake Komo in Instagram. But after a while he deleted it.

Ranbir made a consistent speech with Deepika in Ankitibdal's case. According to the words of the eyewitnesses, after hearing the speeches, Deepika shouted. Then they both danced in a romantic song by Ramlila: the first picture of their pair of Golio Ki Rasalila.

Deepika and Ranbir Singh dressed in the designs of Bengali designers of designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee in each of the four wedding ceremonies in Italy.

Not only the hotel authorities. Dipabi has also been assisted by local law enforcement agencies in Lake Kamo to ensure the confidentiality of their marriage. The local police and guard guard every moment with a patrol boat around Koma Lake. Even the locals did not rent a boat to unknown people, he also ordered them to do so.

Deepika-Ranveer's wedding photos … from Dipika Facebook

Nearly six lakh rupees were spent in the wedding season, just behind the rose. Their marriage arrangement was arranged for one dollar up to eight thousand roses.

Daytime rent of Villa The Balileel in Lake Kooma, 2.4 million 75 thousand rupees. Deepak's couple rented the entire resort for a week. They cost them Rs.1.17 crore rupees.

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