Saturday , October 1 2022

Real Madrid realists beat Rome


In the evening on the night of Roma, the group "G" won 2-0 in Real. The Madrid club lost 3-0 to the Roma at home in the first round.

The previous match was confirmed by the Russian club CSKA Moscow in Victoria Plzen, after the knockout phase was confirmed, Rome and Real Madrid. But the group was still in the battle, the rest remaining.

Real performance in the first half of the game was extremely frustrating. Although, most of the time, trying to put the ball under attack, everyone was lazy. On the other hand, the Roma spread the fear of some guests before the break.

Rome also received the first opportunity in the 33rd minute but midfielder Under failed to shoot with a ball. Save the team to Rafael Verane in the corner corner. The next minute, the strong blow of the Serbian defender Alexander Kolav turned the last moment he returned to the post and rescued again.

The hosts had the best chance just before the break. The inconspicuous ball of the ball was rotated in front of the ball, the Thibo Portal was already running on the other side of the quartet and there was no barrier. But the Turkish footballer pulled incredibly.

In the second half, in the second half, the advantage of the opponent's mistake was to give Real to Real Real. Well, ahead for Federer Fasio's weak head to get the Romanian goalkeeper upside down, Wells ahead. When he entered box D, he sent a ball to the ball from the bottom of the left foot.

The next minute, Bell was given the opportunity to double the counter-attack gap. But the only goalkeeper gets a shot with him.

For the second purpose, they did not have to wait a long time. Karim Benzeema, who led the ball in the 59th minute, raised the bar. And it took a towel to send the balls found in the circular motion. Lucas Voskas did not make a mistake.

Roma had a chance to reduce the gap in the 67th minute. Cantor had forgotten the ball to win. But when he failed to apply it, the Italian club did not return to battle.

Real Madrid has three points in five matches The Roma are in second place with a minimum of 3 points.

The second place to win 2-1 in Moscow, Plzen has 4 points in third place. CSKA Moscow is in fourth place in front of points equal to the same point.

Bayern München and Ayax have been confirmed for the best six of the "E" group. Bayern, who lost 5-1 in front of Benfica in the 2-1 victory Ariana Rabane and Roberto Levandfsky in Arena Alianj on Tuesday, Bayern, exceeding 13 points. With a 2-0 victory over Athens, Ayax has 11 points in second place.

Third place in Portuguese Benfica Club Point 4

Manchester City, the last two in the group "F", draws 2-2 in the Leo field I'm at the top with 10 points. The French club Leo has two points from 7 points.

The German club Hoffenham, who won 3-2 in the field, Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk ranks third with 5 points. Point 3 of Huffenham

Manzoucch's only goal in the "H" is to defeat Valencia, the final sixteen being confirmed by Uvents's 12 point.

And Marwan Feleni added the only goal during the match, to secure the knock-out phase by defeating Young Boy, Manchester United finished second with 10 points.

Spain Valencia ranks third with 5 points.

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