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Reza Kibria on the unique front, BNP leader embarrassed –


Abdul Muhith's abduction announcement, in the electoral district of Habiganj-4, announced the decision of former governor Mohammad Farashuddin to join Habiganj-1 in the Awami League's candidate for Awami Reza Kibria League's candidate.

He presented the nomination form Friday to join the party candidate for Ganfaram by Kamal Hossain of the unified national party. Other parties in an alliance with rice paddy with BNP party symbol, BNP, want to participate in the polls.

Reza Baba Shah AMS Kibria was Sheikh Hasina's Finance Minister during 1996-2001. In 2001, he was elected a member of the Parliament in Habiganj-1 (Nabiganj-Bahubal) constituency. He was killed in a grenade attack in Habiganj in 2005.

Reza said on Saturday, "Although my father was the policy of the Awami League, I have never been involved in the Awami League policy. For the last 14 years, the Awami League has been unable to bring my dad's killers to justice.

Shah Ams Kibria

Shah Ams Kibria

His son Rezao, like former UN official Shah Kibria, is working at the United Nations. Razor was born in the village of Jalalasap in the village of Debapara in Nabiganj zakazila, but most of his youth and youth have been spent abroad.

In the 11th parliamentary election, when the BNP against the Awami League alliances with other political parties, then angrily in Reza.

Reza said if he would designate the French unit, he would participate in the election with the fortified symbol of rice.

Reza Kibria said the president of Nabiganj BNP municipality and municipal mayor Chabir Ahmad Chowdhury for We are very embarrassed by the involvement of the BNP leader in the assassination of Reza Kibria's father and Reza Kibria rice. "

Among the leaders of the BNP, the mayor of Sylhet, Haque Chowdhury Ari, the mayor of Habiganj (fired), GK Gou, accused of killing Kibria. After being charged, they had to go to jail, they had to be fired at Gauchak.

Khaleda Zia's political secretary, Harish Chowdhury, and Khaleda Zia Lutfozzaman Babar, State Secretary for Internal Affairs, are accused in this case. After a three-point investigation, on December 21, 2014, 11 people filed a further charge against the accused. Two cases of murder and explosive law are still pending.

Sheikh Sujata Mia, who has been appointed several times as a deputy from Habiganj-1, wants to be elected.

BNP's central level has not received any decision on Kibiyaraputra's candidacy, Chabir said: "We have the right candidate Sheikh Sujat Shahi, a good candidate here. We want to see him as a candidate.

But we have not received yet a signal, which the High Command decides, waiting. "

Bahadal Upazila BNP Akedas President Mia Babul told, "Dr. Reza Kibria is the UCF candidate and we have to respect the central directive. We will work on behalf of those who feed the rice in the center."

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