Friday , January 27 2023

Ronaldo's first title in Italy


Cristiano Ronaldo took the first title for Juventus Juventus took AC Milan 1-0 in the final of the Superior Italy Cup on Wednesday. Tourean's team, who won the Super Cup eight times, won the title. AC Milan has won the Italian Super Cup seven times. Ronaldo scored the only goal for Juventus in the 31st Super Cup of Italy. For the first time this year's Super Cup final will be played in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The last game of Supercup took place outside of Italy for 10 (China 4, United States 2, Qatar 2, Libya 1, Saudi Arabia 1). At King Abdullah Football Stadium in Jeddah, the first half finished in the final. Juventus emerged in the 63rd minute for the goal. Ronaldo, Ballon's five-minute winner who won the ball in the AC Milan match with Brazilian midfielder Miracle Pianik, Superstar goalkeeper, who scored 16 goals in 26 matches this season in Juventus's shirt with this goal. And it was Ronaldo's 19th goal in the professional football final. AC Milan defeated Frank Cassiey, AC Milan midfielder Frank Kayse fired German German Turkish-German German Emer Chan 74 minutes into the 74th minute. Cristiano Ronaldo won the Super Cup title in four different countries. Previously, he won the Super Cup in Spain (2012) for Manchester United (2007 shield) and Real Madrid in Spain (2012, 2017) for Sporting Lisbon. This is Ronaldo's 26th title in the club's career After the Jeddah match, Ronaldo said the match was very difficult. It was very hard to play 90 minutes in the hot summer. It was a great desire to start winning the trophy trophy 2019. And I'm very happy to win the title for Juventus for the first time. The league and Cup winning two championship teams were defeated in the Dwiretha Supercopa. Juventus won both the Serie A and Copa Italians. In this sense, AC Milan had the chance to play the Super Cup in the top of the Copa Italia.
Women's supporters throw themselves into the stadium of Saudi Arabia

In the finals of the Upper Italy Cup, held at King Abdullah's Sports Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, women supporters gathered. On Wednesday, attendance was 6,000. Of these, there were about 15,000 female viewers. However, no female supporter could enter the field alone. Female feminine supporters had the opportunity to watch banners, boots, stickers, a game on the field. Italian Prime Minister Mateo Salvini was upset that he did not give a chance to look at a single girl in the field. Salvini commented that such activities are annoying. The Italian team welcomed the presence of supporters for the first time in the country's international competition, Italian League President Gitana Mikheche. Until 2018 only men could enter Saudi Arabia. In June 2018, the government of Saudi Arabia announced that women would be able to enter the field.

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