Thursday , August 11 2022

Rumors first news Ministry of Information –


The special cell of the Ministry of Information, which began the trip in September, solved this first rumor and told the press.

Information broadcast in the media on Wednesday morning said that news broadcasts on social media and various online portals "Bangabandhu satellite disappears" is a rumor.

"The French company Tales Elgina Space was told to control the Bangabandhu-1 satellite. Bangladesh broadcasts the program every day using the Bangabandhu satellites.

"Therefore, the news circulating with the title" Bangabandhu satellite-1 missing "is a motivated rumor. In order to avoid confusion, the Ministry of Information called" rumble prevention and information about cell rumors. "

The government has formed this "rumor prevention and information session" within the Ministry of Information to stop Internet propaganda before the national elections, following the dissemination of various rumors during the student movement during the student movement, demanding a safe road in August- September.

State Secretary Tarana Halim then said that this cell will work for 24 hours. Despite rumors being broadcast in the social media, it will be sent to the press in the form of a press release within three hours.

On condition of anonymity, an information ministry official has informed that they have been working for more than two months, but the first news of the "Bangabandhu satellite" sent to the media was their first "rumors about rumors."

After receiving the press release from the Ministry of Information, Facebook was sought to find ATMBD24.websites,,, BangladeshBangladesh.note Several obscure bulletins published "Bangabandhu Satellite" disappeared.

These reports have been shared on Facebook on various pages, including the bamboo official known for promoting Jamaat-e-Islami. The ATMBD24 site was shared with a Facebook page made using the BBC Bangla logo.

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