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Salma is married again, a lawyer husband


Singer Mousumi Akhter Salma and Sanaullah Noor Sagar

Singer Mousumi Akhter Salma was locked up again in marriage slavery. On the last day of last year (December 31), he and his groom and his lawyer have done the job. It's family Today, on Thursday, in the capital, a rostower called the smile of mass-media workers, thus saying Salma. He prayed, blessings and love for a new life.

Salam Sanaullah Noor Sagar is the son of Haluaghat in Mymensingh. Court of Justice Lawyer in the profession. But at present, the Bar of Law is in the UK to finish. After the four months of return to the country. Only then the posterity formalities will be beaten by bombs. Salma said: "We were married on the basis of love, not through the love of two families. Everyone will pray for us.

Kushtia's daughter, Mousumi Akhter Salma, won the second edition of the reality show "Closeup One-Tui Seeking Bangladesh." Since then, he regularly associated with the play himself. I have popularity.

In 2011, the first marriage was with the ruling MP Shibli Sadik in the Dinajpur-6 constituency. The only daughter who came over their family is Sneha Separation is not possible in 2016.

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