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Salman does not respect relationships: Jessia


Jessia Islam and the image Six times a brick thrower than November Then another piece of brick, then another stones. Churachilena at the entrance of the house from midnight friend muktadirera Salman, who is believed to be jesiya Islam. But it was midnight so the trunk has jesiya.

Salman Muktadir and Miss World Bangladesh Jessia Islam Meanwhile, if some of their close-up images spread into the social media, everyone would know about the relationship between the two. Recently, the social media began speculation about a video of a young man's brothel at the entrance to Salman's house. Everybody took it, Jessia Islam. But why did he go home at midnight? Why was not allowed to enter?

Jessia Islam said, "Our love affair is about a year and a half, and for a while it was hiding something about me. And that day, with Salman stretched out, I was forced to go home. think, I'm going that night. But I had no choice.

Asked about the cause of the brick and brick break at the main gate, Jessia said, "I did not do it at first. When I went to Salman's house, then around 2 o'clock, I first called the callbell And then try to contact the phone No one has let me in. The request was made to open the main gate, but none of the family members in the garage did it. "Salman and his family forced me to break the barricades of patience I thought, by knocking a beat, maybe it would open the gate. Keep me two hours.

Salman Muktadir's mother spoke to Jaisaira's mother for vandalism and screaming at night in Mirpur DOHS's house. Jesse said that Salman betrayed my beliefs. I disregarded my relationship, disturbed my relationship. My mom told me that.

The first light of Salman Muktadir's mother is considered to be two points. In the first phase, she said, "Jessia knew my good friend's friend, we had to go home, but suddenly the behavior of that day was not known to me." My son Salman and his daughter's friends watched TV. once he heard Jesse's sound So much he was nervous about his arrival So no girl can vandalize I did not complicate things too much by seeing well But I could do many things.

In the second call, asking for some information at the beginning of the conversation with Salman Muktadir's mother, he telephoned the other. If you meet Salman's cousin, he'd be mad at the morning incident. Will I ask him to call Salman Muktadir's mother? He said, now he's busy, he'll have to talk later. Now he can not speak.

Three days ago, the video was made viral from a flat position opposite Salman Muktadir's apartment. It was discovered that a girl (the idea of ​​all that Jessia) says she opens the door with her uninterrupted house at the entrance to her house at midnight. Although her mother tried to speak with her from inside, the young woman was rigid and desperate to enter. He told Salman to open the door. Meanwhile, a piece of brick was thrown six times on the wall of the gate.

Jussia feels Salman Muktadir's relationship with a year and a half is a wonderful lesson. He said, "This section is closed soon, I want to stay away from work, I have had many opportunities to work, but I have not done it, now I bother to work and learn. I love me.

He tried to talk to Salman Muktadir, but could not be found.

Jessia Islam was the winner of the Miss World Bangladesh beauty contest in 2017. Later in Miss World's main competition, she won a seat in the top 40th. Returning from the contest, he said the big screen was interested in work. But at the end of the study. Since then, the involvement of the entertainment industry has gradually begun to decline. Rather, he came to discuss the identity of Salman Muktadir's boyfriend.

In connection with love with Salman, Jessia said in the first light their relationship with Miss World Bangladesh. He said, "When we graduate or before we can marry."

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