Sunday , October 2 2022

Shakib does not buy the appointment paper


(Priyakama) People nominated Shakib Khan, "Taking nomination acts," to be nominated for the nomination of eleven parliamentary candidates. On the evening of November 10, Dear Kokan released the information indicating a source close to Shakib. But the latest news is that the hero does not buy the appointment paper.

On Nov. 10, on November 10, Shahib Khan himself informed his favorite.

On Sunday, November 11, Shakib had to buy his nomination papers for the current ruling party of the Awami League.

Shakib Khan said, "I changed the decision, I do not buy appointment papers, I decided to think about my audience, now you just want to act in movies, I want to be the highest for the industry.

On November 8, the Electoral Commission announced the calendar of parliamentary elections. According to the announced program, the vote will take place on 23 December.

The Awami League began selling nomination forms the day after the announcement of the program. This program takes place in the political office of Awami Dhanmondi League President.

Now, many movie stars and anganas music stars raise the Awami League nomination. Among them are director Faruque, director Sarah Begum Kabri, musician Momtaz, actress Rokeya East, Tarana Halim and hero Shakil Khan.

Shakib is currently busy with Shahhen Shah. Shamim Ahmed Roni manages. Faria is against her in the movie.

Shakib Khan has recently signed a contract for the role of the popular fiction writer Anisul Haque in a film (which was not named). There will be a part of Shakib's personal life in this story. It will be manufactured by Shakib SK Films own production company.

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