Thursday , June 1 2023

Steve Smith hits a ton in Sydney and touches Virat Kohli in centuries dgtl


The captain of India, Virat Kohli, scored the most centuries in the “Fab Four” of world cricket. This time, Steve Smith of Australia shared the throne. One of Australia’s best batsmen marked his 28th century career on Friday. The number of his centuries with Virat is now equal.

The third Test of the series against India is Smith’s 7th match. After scoring a century in the first half of that match, Smith’s run in 137 innings was 637, averaging 61.69. This average in the cricket test is enviable. Virat played 6 tests. He scored 6318 runs in 147 innings, averaging 53.41. Although he is not behind Smith in terms of running, the Indian captain is far behind.

Virat played only 3 tests in 2020. Not a hundred came from his bat. Not even hundreds came from Smith’s bat. Smith marked his last century of testing in Manchester in 2019 before Friday. The twentieth came against England in that September match. He marked a huge century in the pink ball test against Bangladesh in Eden in November 2019. Since then, the best two bats have been in a drought. Smith ended that drought by marking a century in 2021, now to see how soon Virat can give hundreds of gifts to his supporters after returning from a paternity vacation.

Graphic: Shauvik Debnath

Turned out, while Smith was busy looking for runs, New Zealand captain Ken Williamson made a double century in 2020 against the West Indies. Another member of the “Fab Four” played 63 tests. Williamson is the best in the ICC rankings at the moment in Tests. He scored 8,115 runs in 144 innings, averaging 54.31. It is slightly behind the other two by 24 centuries. However, the Englishman Joe Root lags behind the rest in the centuries (18) and averages (48.99). He played 16 innings and 723 runs in 96 tests.

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The “Fab Four” fight is enjoyed by both cricket fans and its members. They continue to fight to overwhelm each other. In this fight, one person at a time is ahead. In this fight for the second time in a row, the duo of the century is just as huge, Smith.

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