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Tamim to return to the Sports Windies series

Tamim's objective to return to the Windies series

Tamim Iqbal suffered a blow in the first match of the Asian Cup against Sri Lanka The boxer, who is struggling with the wound, will now fight to the left. The nets started playing ball balls. Beginning with the tennis ball, play now. Thursday, Tamim beat for 40 minutes at the BCB Academy site.

The hope was that this experienced opener will be available in the second test against Zimbabwe. Even a few weeks ago, Tamim had the same purpose. After Bangladesh collapsed in the Sylhet test, the selectors asked about this leftist. The selectors hoped to bring him in the Dhaka test against Zimbabwe.

The fact is that Tamim could not be found before the West Indies series. At the end of the session, he told reporters he planned to return to the series against Windies. Tamim with confidence to match before the first test

Bangladesh will start next Sunday, the second test in Zimbabwe. Asked about the opportunity to play in that match, the experienced cricket said: "The probability is very small (this test game) .I do not think I can, in fact, I'm not ready, and do not let Fiji. you can call it a semilot. Until the net session is complete, then for the team, I will not declare it appropriate for this test on my own.

Tamim said directly against Zimbabwe will not play. He said, "I will answer if you want to play" No. "It was finished on the third day, it is not yet a net session, and the rotation and speed playback of 130-140 km is very different. will answer my hands, but so far, everything progresses positively, hopefully we can start the net completely in three days, then I better understand where I am. "Think of starting the net sessions in full swing next Sunday.

Tamim said the injury was the result of his injury after the NET session. He said, "I started with a tennis ball. Today I'm back and I've pulled in. There's not a big problem yet, I did not feel too much pain, there are chronic pains, some photos are painful. there are still deficiencies in my hand I am trying to increase my power If the power is fully enlarged, the weakness will also be cut off, which is positive that there is no pain as if it were not the bat.

Tamim does not want to fit completely. And do not hold the slightest risk. The first test against Windies will start on November 22 at Chittagong. I hope this left-handed batsman can be in shape before the first test.

He said, "I think the match will be right before the first test." Earlier, preparations for November 18-19 in Chittagong will be a match. Tamim would like to make the decision to play in the game of trust.

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