Friday , January 22 2021

The Dakshwari Temple – 1 Land Bigha returns

This information was provided at a press conference in Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad on Saturday
It is reported.

Parishad Secretary-General Nirmal Kumar Chatterjee
Now, the total area of ​​the temple is 6.1 bighi.

"We have five out of 20 bighis of land
I enjoyed more land in Bigha. Now we have more than half a bighis available to the Prime Minister
We are Removing the various installations there
You have received instructions. We have half the bighi of earth in the southwest temple.

Discussions with the government to resume the remaining 13.9 bighas of land
He said.

He said that in a case filed in 1963 about the issue of the land in the temple
Activities are still ongoing. In addition to the two bigha plots occupied by Navana Group in Pakistan
Puja Udjapon Parishad is fighting against the three bills of land occupied by Momin Motors.

Bhawal King Sri surrounded the places where the idol of Dhakeswari Devi was installed
During the reign of Rajendra Narayan Roy Bahadur for the Dhakeswari Temple at the end of the nineteenth century
20 bighas of land are recorded as land debt.

When the official land survey begins in the country, the whole place of the temple is the Debattar field
Because CS is registered at number 30-43 in the Dhaka mouz, the design is clear
Borders are arranged with ripped pliers.

After the SA elections, held in Pakistan, 94-97 and 101-117 in Lalbag Mauja
Stains are recorded in SA.

Nirmal Chatterjee said that the slums and illegal commercials occupied the land of Debothar
The institution must enter the temple with a narrow path, so the sanctity of the temple
Probably, as well as fans, tourists, even the government, state embassies and foreign embassies are important
People's safety is also restricted.

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