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The priest in the role of Opee's husband


After 15 years, popular actress Api Karim returned to the film in a joint production film India-Bangladesh. The name "Deborah of Desire" The name Bangla is "Mayer Junk". The actress in Kolkata is currently shooting for this film. It is jointly administered by Indrani Ray Chowdhury of Calcutta and Jasim Ahmed in Bangladesh. It is created by two short stories by poets Manik Bandyopadhyay, "Toxic love" and "Subala".

Api Karim plays Soma in the movie. He married. Several media reports were sent a few days ago, as the popular actor in Kolkata can be seen as her husband. But the producer or director of the actor did not disclose the name of that time. They said the names of other actors will be released very soon.

Talking about direct producers. Recently, they said that Ravi Chakraborty of Kolkata can be seen as the husband of "Api Karim" in "Debra of Desire". This actress has numerous names as a hero of story and literature films. The name of this character is Chandu in the movie. Who is unemployed No revenue is earned. Because of that, the only child who earns her English middle-school life, his wife Soma

The film "Debris of Desire" is now in full swing in Calcutta. The producer's director and authority said some parts of Dhaka would be filmed. This film is played for the first time in front of a hero in Calcutta, Opi Karim in Bangladesh. This is the second image of his career. Previously, in 2004, it was first met in the Bachelor film directed by Mustafa Sarwar Farooqi.

Dhaka Times / November 13 / AH

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