Thursday , June 1 2023

The signs of rape match, death due to excessive bleeding 993339 | Tomorrow’s voice


An autopsy of a dead student at a friend’s house showed signs of rape. His autopsy was completed on Friday (January 6) afternoon. The autopsy doctor is the head of the forensic department of Dhaka Medical College. Sohail Mahmood gave this information.

He said signs of rape were found. As a result, he died from excessive bleeding in the genitals and anus.
In addition, samples were collected for DNA profiling. Whether the anesthetic was fed before death, the necessary samples were collected and sent for chemical testing. After receiving these reports, the true cause of death can be said.

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The mysterious death of a student from a friend at a friend’s house, suspected of rape!

“Mutual consent is a physical relationship,” Dihan said.

The main defendant in the death of Mastermind student, Dihan, pleaded guilty

“My daughter was brutally killed, I want justice from the prime minister”

Previously, the necessary signs, including body access, were collected to determine age. Later the relatives took the body.

It can be mentioned that an “O” level student of the Mastermind School mysteriously died in the Kalabagan area of ​​the capital, last night. Kalabagan police arrested four people, including his classmate in the incident.

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