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This time Kamal Hossain Razakar said Justice Manik


Where there is a difference, the word "Razakars" is now used to hit the opponent. Now that word is used. Kamal Hossain's name. AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik, a former Supreme Court judge, said. During the liberation war, the Pakistani General wrote about the role of the writer. He said: "Straight talk, Kamal Hossain is a Razakar."

At a nationwide press conference on Friday, the Bangladesh Online Activists Forum organized a discussion forum titled "Communism Time – Ours" organized by the Manik Court.

Independence of Bangladesh, Chairman of the Committee for the Constitution, Kamal Hossain, Minister of Bangabandhu Government. Later he became a member of the Awami League presidency and in 1981 attacked the Awami League nominee after the killing of Bangabandhu.

Kamal Hossain left the Awami League in 1992, disagreed with Sheikh Hasina and established his own political party, Ganoforam. Now, before the election, he leads the alliance of the opposition alliance with BNP, the National Unity Front.

As regards Kamal Hossain's alliance's association with BNP, Manik said, "Tragedy with the opponents of the liberation war … those people who have been killing people with the grenade Kamal Hossain today."

"I'm not surprised that Kamal Hossain is one of those. On that day (former governor of Bangladesh Bank, Mohammad Farashuddin) said that Avalanche was 75 years old at the murder of Bangabandhu but did not say anything wrong was very close to Bangabandhih.

Kamal Hossain, a lawyer who filed a lawsuit against Bangabandhu in the Agartala Conspiracy case, presented another chapter on why he was brought to Pakistan during a War of Independence, Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik gave a different opinion on a case from a Pakistani General quoted by Mita Kha.

Manik said: "Mita Khat called Mitta Kha on March 28, Kamal Sahib, in a magazine released in a defense magazine in 2008, saying" Everyone went to India, I do not want to go, I will not fight against War, Freedom Fighters Kill, Please Protect. Mitta asylum fled to the Divisional Headquarters, defending him and sending Kamal Sahab to Pakistan on March 29.

"He also wrote about Kamal every month after Pakistan, then Kamal Sahib was his father-in-law, and his father, Allahabad-khodabsaka, who was a well-known lawyer, practiced with him.

According to a former advisor to the Appeal Section, Farashuddin, at a meeting of the Economic Association in August, Kamal Hossain was held (in Pakistan) on the day that he had witnessed Bangabandha. Because they all hung Bangabandho and had to hang witnesses. Kamal Hossa was held to the witness.

"ISI is a very intelligent intelligence agency, once again when Bangabanda was sent to Bangladesh, was sent back to Kamal on the plane. This is Kamal Hossain's story, Razakar.

AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury did not know Manik's statement was for President Kamal Hossain.

Former Judicial Manik criticized President Ziaur Rahman Shahid for discussing the online activist forum.

"But I heard from many people that he did not take part in the liberation war … today it is clear that Ziaur Rahman was originally planning to kill Bangabandhu … he continued with all the mechanisms that brought the country back to Pakistan and thus the ministers of Rajkars."

Manik said that Ziaur Rahman is the country's number one Razakarsja, Manik said as he created the anti-liberating facility, Ziaur Rahman. Since this notorious Razakars' posthumous experimental system is not in the law, my request must at least be examined, what was the role of Ziaur Rahman in the seventy-five years, and what role played in the assassination of Bangabandhu, in history, when investigated.

General Secretary of the Harun Habib Chief of Staff told the program that communism was trying to create a weapon in politics. Religious communism is used as a political weapon of weak thinking.

Among others, the chairman of the Shafiqur Rahman Jatiya Press Club, Ghulam Kuddus Sammilita Sangkritik Jote, Professor of Zainat Huda, Department of Sociology at Dhaka University, Yahya Zaman's Supreme Court attorney, and Zafar Wazed, a journalist, spoke about the meeting.

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