Saturday , May 28 2022

Uruguay defeats Neymar …- 704670 | Kaler Kantho


Brazil's Neymar beat Uruguay with 1-0 in the international friendly football match Neymar scored the winning goal in the penalty.

The match was started at Emirates Stadium in London on Saturday at 14:00 (Bangladesh time). After the match, Brazil attacked one by one. On the contrary, Uruguay plays a long time in defensive tactics. Niemaar scored the ball in the 12th minute on Luis's trajectory but was canceled off the offside. Then in 24 minutes, after watching Danilo, took the ball in the box and took Suarez shot. But goalkeeper Eliasson saved the team (Brazil) by removing Suarez.

At the end of the first half, Suarez lost the easiest goal in the last half. He failed to score Elison's goal in box D at Covani.

Meanwhile, in the second half after the first half of the tournament, Brazil offered a fairly good football gift. On the other side, on the other side of Uruguay, Suarez attacked one by one. After 55 minutes of defense of the Brazilian defender, the goalkeeper could not surpass Ellison.

Finally, in 76 minutes, Brazil had the chance to score the Lazal goal gave Brazil a penalty after the Brazilian defender Danilou fobbed inside the debox. Neymar scored the winning goal of this shot.

Eventually Uruguay received some scattered attacks but did not take advantage. Tabaraj's team was leaving the pitch at 1-0.

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