Wednesday , May 31 2023

Was Ramos with Trump supporters on Capitol Hill?


Sergio Ramos is in the forefront every day because of the complexity of his contract. The remaining six months of his contract at Real Madrid, regardless of whether Ramos will renew the contract or not, if the two parties renew the contract, if Ramos does not renew the contract, where will Ramos go, who will fill the lack of such people – how much news comes every day!

That’s why he will reach such titles, it seems that he was not even in the farthest imagination of Ramos! Supporters of President Donald Trump staged a violent protest on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, involving Ramos.

Anyone can hardly find the thread of Real Defender and the Captain’s involvement in the Capitol Hill incident. He is in an image of threads. An image of a man during the protest went viral on social media, with a lot of similarities with Ramos!

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