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"You do not want to frequently play songs"


"You do not want to frequently play songs"

Dhaka, November 7, 018, Wednesday


"You do not want to frequently play songs"


Faisal Rabbinik | November 7, 018, Wednesday, 9:47

Folk musician Sabrina Poshashi Channel I participate in the music of the local music industry. Later he won the greatest success with his debut album. Then they have consistently received songs of his solo albums. He is also in play and scene beyond the new play. Meanwhile, Poshashi sang in many movies. In addition, it was also introduced as an ad model and film heroine. Now the artist is busy making a busy time on stage. How are the days of cutting? Poshishi said, quite well. But it is time to deal with it. Now they study and sing these songs together. What is actually busy? Poshashi replied: "The scene shows are busy with the show now, I've been seen in various places around the country in the last few days, I'm surprised to see the participants in these shows, and every audience has mixed me with my dress. the show in front of the show Because in front of the winter season At this point, the stages of the stage have continued to grow, how do you feel like a scene to play? Poshishi said, the direct lyrics are different because the public response is available directly. they really love to straighten their love right away What is the new song Poshishi said that the song "Rasta" was released this year After that, I did a lot of songs There are different plans for these songs And I do not want to publish This is why, after a while, we're publishing New songs will be shown in front of the video I hope everyone will like What is red Poshishi said: "I'm lucky that in a short time, many songs were given to sing in the song. At this time we worked with senior generation musicians. I liked some songs that I liked. There is another challenge for the song of the film. Since the lyrics are played on the screen, such an expression must be played. My new song was released in the latest movie "Paradise". His music is composed by Arfin Rumi Baiya. There are voices in front of many new songs. I'll be able to match the bat. What is the current state of the audio industry? Poshishi said the situation in the industry is rather tough. Now digital songs are released. About extinguishing the CD from the CD Everyone is listening to more songs on YouTube So artists have become interested in publishing songs on YouTube In this case, everyone gets the opportunity to publish songs. But now we are accustomed to digital use now. If we get used to it, we can get better results. In the movie "Mental", it was seen before. What movies can be found in the face? Poshishi said, I want to play music songs, basically. However, we will look at something very different and good. But I do not want to do anything usual. Whether it's a song or something else. Because a certain audience does not like the same thing. There is also a challenge to do something different. I like to do this challenge.

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