Thursday , February 9 2023

Zerona Atletico's victim


Copa del Rey's Spanish team's foot has reduced the team to 3-3 with Jerona and the 10-time Atletico Madrid champion has left the tournament. Previously, in the first stage of the Jirona field, the two teams were drawn 1-1. Ziro won the quarter-finals with two goals in the first half. Atletico Madrid is second in the Spanish list La Ligaar Point. And Zirona's new place. Atletico Madrid, at Metropolitano, on the Atletico field on the pitch at 12 minutes, took Nicolador Kallinake into play, Atletico Madrid took the lead. In the 37th minute of the match Valerie Fernández's goal was to score Zirona In the first half, two teams left the field with a score of 1-1. After the break, Zerona took the lead in the game of Christian Stuani in the 59th minute. However, Atlético Madrid did not return to the match. In the 66th minute, Angele Corere equalized in atletico Atletico coach Diego Simeone did not keep Titanic Grizman's tactic in the original XI. To avoid elimination from the competition, Gijamman is on the field. Going into the 84th minute, Gletting continued to give Atlético the lead. Spanish midfielder Jarona Borga Garcia, who scored two minutes in the game, scored Atletico's lead. At the end of the match, Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeoni said the match was great. We went to win the ground, but luck was not our help. I wish Zerona better Now I want to think about matches at La Liga. Asked about Morata, he replied: "We are not talking about Morat yet because he is not with us."

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