Monday , March 20 2023

06h30 – A Flemish primary school convicted for the dismissal of a disabled child


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in BRUSSELS (Belgium)

The court last week gave a complaint filed by the parents of a disabled child separately from the primary school of general education, despite the Flemish legislation on inclusive education. Trisomic, Maxim integrated his provincial school from the Antwerp kindergarten, but was excluded in the second spring, no teacher willing to receive it in his class, the leadership rejecting his reasonable accommodation requests, but provided for in Flemish legislation. Parents were then asked to address specialist education to meet their son. Supported by Unia, they turned to justice. She just gave her the complaint. According to a ruling passed last week, the school did not demonstrate how unreasonable the accommodations requested by Maxim's parents were, nor what facilities could be implemented for him. She was too focused on the problems faced by her parents and was not enough for the student's interest and rights. "This judgment is unprecedented," says Patrick Charlier, director of Unia. "This is the first time a judge has made clear that a school can not unilaterally decide to refuse a student with disabilities." "This is an important reminder, because this is still the case today." According to a study, parents of children with disabilities should contact an average of five schools before finding someone who agrees to register their child. Some parents contact up to 19 schools, "according to Patrick Charlier. (Belga)

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