Tuesday , March 21 2023

10:10 – The Feluy Total site is still blocked by yellow vests


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"Yellow Jackets" still block access to the Total site in Feluy (Hainaut) this morning on Saturday. The oil company says there is no risk of fuel shortages. The Mariemont area police are on the scene. Site blocking started on Friday. Dozens of protesters also distributed leaflets to motorists to protest against rising fuel prices. At Total's request, bailiffs intervened to impose periodic penalty payments in the event of continuous bottlenecks. "We do not see the risk of fuel shortages," said Agence Belga, a spokesperson for Total Group. "The situation is being analyzed progressively and we do not have a complete review yet, but we ask drivers not to change their consumption habits and not to hurry with pumps, which could catalyses a deficit," he added. with the same name planned in France, the "yellow jackets" – the motorists overwhelmed by fuel prices – want to express their dissatisfaction with oil prices. (Belgium)

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