Friday , January 27 2023

Drink his urine, the health trend that is all the rage on Facebook


Since the beginning of time people have been drinking and thinking the best for their health. Even if science thinks it's more of a dangerous practice.

On Facebook, many groups are blooming – some of them are closed to the general public – raising the urine benefits to health

The followers of this unusual treatment drink it, rub it on its body or use it for eye drops, enema, showers and gargle for 20 to 30 minutes.

Some even get old, like a good whiskey – but the comparison stops there.

According to these people, urine will give you more energy and tone, purify your body, and it will even be a cure for cancer.

In one of the groups
Facebook, a woman claimed that "
nutrition is really a myth "
and that it can absorb all the nutrients we need
breathing and standing in the sun.

Therefore, she
fully turned to the post and consuming its own yellow fluid
as a means of substance.

Other posts from these closed groups were posted by the Twitter user @Skyear_.

Scientists, however, are very critical of this practice because there is no research to associate urine with a panacea. And, moreover, it is very bad for health

First, contrary to popular belief, urine is not sterile. When it is evacuated, it passes through the urethra, which houses a colony of bacteria.

They are harmless in this natural habitat but can cause serious problems if ingested

Then, urine is a waste. Although it mainly consists of water, it also contains salt, ammonia and other by-products.

If you consume it, you put pressure on the kidneys, who must treat the toxins again

The fight for urine was particularly encouraged by a British author named John W Armstrong. In the 1940s, he detailed his properties in the book " The water of life ".

He himself relied on a very literal interpretation of the biblical verse in Proverbs 5:15: Drink the waters of the tank. Water coming out of the well. "

Far from us to go against Facebook groups, but do not do that. Leave the water in the tanks. We have batteries now.

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