Monday , September 26 2022

En colère, Trump threatens couper les "subsidies" à General Motors



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Prime Minister Donald Trump have been part of the General Motors' General Secretarial Service, which will provide support for the work of the lecturers in the field, with "inquiries" for the kind of traveler's touch .

"The Les deux dirigeants have been expressing the desire of the General Motors of Fermer plus usurs in Canada and the United States of America", and indiqué cabinet du dirigeant canadien.

MM. Trudeau et Trump "is the sole source of information for trawlers, families and communiqués," and the other source.

Les deux dirigeants nord-américains "sont impatients de voir en argentin", weekend of the G20 ou il est prévu qu'ils signant avec le Mexique, le nouvel "Accord Etats-Unis-Mexique-Canada AEUMC) ", which has been replaced by a tradition of free trade (Aléna), and poursuivi Ottawa.

"The Prime Ministers and the President have agreed that the new commercial agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico has contributed to the reform of North American competitiveness", and remarked by the cabinet of M. Trudeau.

In the light of the agreement signed on 1 October, Ottawa concurred with the levy on tax levied on imports of aluminum and aluminum. Le Canada and its applications for tax repricing.

Selon Ottawa, Justin Trudeau, and profits of the son exchanged with Donald Trump for "soulign (er) qu'il était important que les deux pays lèvent les droits de douane sur l'acier et l'aluminum". The cabinet of M. Trudeau was refused by the davantage s'exprimer sur ce contentieux.

Peu après leur échange, the president of Américain and the two-time Twitter carrier of the General Motors, has been suffering from a loss of 15% in the first-ever car industry.

M. Trump and évoqué la suppression de subsidies "y compris pour des voitures électriques", sans plus de détails.

We have a moment in Ottawa, Jerry Dias, the repre sentant syndicate of salaried canadens of GM touching a fermeteur of employing a queue of 2,500 salaries near Toronto, and rencontré Justin Trudeau.

"Nous sommes à la croisée des chemins", remarkable at the press of the press with the Prime Minister of Canada. "La Vérité, since GM is at the forefront of investing in Canada, and that it will create a catastrophe for the Canadian export and export industries," the President of the Union Unifor .

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