Saturday , May 28 2022

Fanny Lecluyse follows the 200-meter finch of the Hangzhou World Championships


During training with COIB under the sun of Lanzarote, Fanny Lecluys Regulates his training to be in top form in less than a month at the World Junior Juniors World Championships in Hangzhou, China (December 11-16). Kortrijk hopes to reach the end of the 200-meter bust.

"The small pool has always been one of my strengthsshe says with confidence.Most swimmers prefer the big pool, but the small pool is better for me because my moves are excellent. In Hangzhou, I'm going to be hired on different bras. On 200 meters, I want to go to the final. It will do the job at the playoffs, because there are no semifinals. There will be more swimmers at the same level and we will be gathered. I will have to be equal to my Belgian registration (2: 18.49)."

This record dates from 2015, when Lecluyse won the title of European Short Film in Netanya, Israel. After a few difficult years, Lecluyse found good feelings, and especially this summer, with a 6th place on the 200-meter bust, and 10th, over 100 meters, at the Euro in Glasgow. "I am very pleased with these results. Prior to this euro, I had to do an internship for my studies as a teacher, and I had to interrupt my training. Despite this, my times were decent. In addition, I managed to qualify for the World next year in Gwangzjiu, South Korea (12-28 July) and did not miss the Olympic minimum. With good training, I certainly can do better."

In two years in Tokyo, Lecluyse will be 28 years old and will have the opportunity to play the third Olympic Games after his experiences in London and Rio. "In London, I was very stressed. In Rio we lost a lot in swimming technique because I changed my training method. So I was two frustrating contests for me, but now I feel more experienced and less stressed. I will enjoy this moment this time and am very confident."

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