Thursday , February 9 2023

"He believed in a more just world"


The mines were serious Thursday morning at Gilly's crematorium at the 10:30 crash. Several hundred people have moved to give their affection and respect for Forever to Stephanie Reghem.

Whether anonymous or famous, they all responded to the appeal, united in adversity. In the range of assistance, the entire communist college has clearly responded to this. But also the socialist family, including Paul Magnette, Prince Charleroi, and Elio Di Rupo, President of the Socialist Party. Like the opposition with MR Group Chief, Michael Simons, or Charleroi PTB leader Germain Mugemangango.

►► You unconditionally delighted, the most intimate relatives were indulging in their feelings in the stands.

" I have finally seen her become a burgmest because of her professionalism and dynamism "In particular, Vanderlick emphasizes. Employees and bulimics about work, the sheriff did not count the hours.

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