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Johnny Hallyday: What has been hidden in Laeticia for years


In more than 20 years of marriage, Johnny Hallyday has not always been very honest with his wife Laeticia. Evidence is: these secrets and lies that are revealed in the press since his death.

Johnny Hallyday was not always transparent with his wife Laeticia. The Rocker cultivated his secret garden, hiding some of his initiatives from his wife, so many omissions that the public had seen over the months since his death on December 5, 2017. Most of this secret he was referring to his finances. As we know, the rocker spent a lot of money either for expensive purchases or for expensive gifts – his generosity had no limit.

Johnny Hallyday was loved by motorcycles and cars, which he bought at his choice and … sometimes without warning Laeticia. Serghe Bueno, rocker's boyfriend and veteran motorcycle restoration specialist in Los Angeles, confessed Paris Match in December 2017: "I drew some sketches, we both talked quietly, because recently he spent much to enjoy.He bought a Lamborghiniand a Mercedes with butterfly doors that he came to show me like a child, and did not care too much to know Laeticia. "

In 2006, Johnny Hallyday secretly bought a 500-acre farm. When they discovered it, this little madness put the prosecutor and his wife upset. Fortunately, the rocker has not paid anything yet, managed to rectify the filming and cancel the deal: the promise to buy could be invalidated, with vendors still receiving 100,000 euros.

Johnny Hallyday helped his daughter Laura Smet, always without his wife's warning. In the early 2000s, when he was only 18 years old, he helped her to acquire two apartments in Paris in the 6th arrondissement. When Laeticia Hallyday taught her, she got into anger. "But what is this shit? Will you buy an apartment for an 18-year-old girl?she told him, right Laeticia, the true story François Vignolle and Laurence Pieau (PLON). The couple agreed to a price that did not exceed, which he did not respect – he asked one of his friends' ministers to create a false sales invoice to make his credibility.

Finally, Johnny Hallyday gave a financial hand to his cousin Desta suffering from Alzheimer's disease: he paid the retirement home until his death in 2011 at the age of 88. It's Mamie Rock, Laeticia's grandmother, put in the trust of the star who said the anecdote of the book Laeticia, the true story. " Once he called me and said,especially do not say that I pay. I grew up with Desta, I know she has a bad temper, but I do not want to abandon it "we can read. Johnny Hallyday's cousin and his wife were not talking well. In 2003, Desta confessed gala :All my misfortunes come from Laeticia Hallyday. " The rocker would not have passed all his secrets to the grave.

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