Thursday , February 9 2023

Kaaris accepts the fight with Booba: "I am a boy, I can not say no" (video)


Prior to the release of his album "Black Gold 3", Kaaris engaged in his boxing fight against Booba.

In August last year, Booba and Kaaris kidnappers faced a battle at Orly Airport, causing estimated damage at 50,000 euros. Following this incident, rappers were sentenced in early October to 18 months in prison. Despite this judgment, the two enemies do not seem to want to stop there.

Indeed, on December 25, Booba proposed to Kaaris to solve the problem between men on a boxing ring definitively " Bury your arm Between them. Later, Booba announced that Instagram had sent a contract 300,000 euros For Kaaris for a fight on April 5 in Brussels. He accepted the fight, but considers that the amount is not important enough. He wants to put in a million euros.

In full promotion of his latest album "Black Gold 3", which will be released on January 25, Kaaris returned to Parisian on his Booba dispute and the announced boxing match. For him, his opponent is just looking trolling his album release ".

"I wonder about his mental state"

" It is a very bad picture we show. What happened at Orly airport is very serious, I regret this, but I had to defend myself. She missed Orly and traumatized her. So this battle story started "He explains Parisian.

" His technique is about fighting, not to talk about my recording. She becomes unhealthy and I really wonder about his mental state. I wonder if he's crazy. It's a demon that has to be extinguished, but I do not know how to do it … Perhaps it has to be treated. I believe with sincerity. His reactions are not normal. These are the reactions of a madman for me Adds a rapper for 38 years.

He has crossed the limits

Kaaris also explains Paris Match that he can not refuse the fight because Booba has exceeded the limits: " I'm a boy, I can not say no (…) When he accused me of a so-called theft, he went too far
". " Bobba proposed a fake contract, with strange clauses, for the only purpose I refused … To make me look weak.
As he talked about the fight, now I will go all the way. So, I'll give him a real deal, with a million euros on the key. We do, we will. Since there will be a ring, TV, as well as take money. I'm ready ". Nothing seems to stop the two men.

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