Friday , March 31 2023

Label label "No risk to public health" – Belgium


According to a survey that VRT Nieuws was able to note, part of the beef tagged "Belbeef" on the supermarket shelves is not drawn. The Federation has conducted a DNA sample traceability exercise that has established that the meat origin codes do not always correspond to the numbered batches.

According to Febev, one of the partners involved in awarding the label, this is a misinterpretation of the results of the internal investigation. The lack of traceability must also be nuanced, according to the federation. "In the process of processing, the meat passes through different chains and mixes with other beef." The lot number on the label refers to several animals, not one, "says Gore. The fact that this number is not related to a particular animal is not a problem when the meat has to be removed from the shelves, adds Febev. "In this case, the whole lot is always destroyed. In the past, it has often happened to destroy more meat than necessary".

The Federation also stresses that the survey took only the available tattoo ears. Therefore, Mr. Gore emphasizes the quality of internal investigation at his institution. According to him, the ears of the slaughtered cattle are well preserved, according to the law. "The problem is that not everyone sent the documents in time for the survey, that does not mean that they no longer exist." The ears that were sent during the prescribed time.

In conclusion, the meat sector considers that the production chain is too complex for a simple revision of traceability. A larger review will be carried out in the coming months.

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