Monday , September 26 2022

Mogi Bayat and Laurent Denis are released on bail


Player agent Mogi Bayat, former lawyer Laurent Denis and chief financial officer of Mechelen Thierry Steemans were released after a deposit was deposited, the federal prosecutor said on Tuesday. The three men who were charged with investigating frauds in the football community were due to appear in front of Tongeren's chambers on Friday.

Therefore, the training judge decided to release agent agent Mogi Bayat against a deposit of 150,000 euros. "
It is a great joy, great, great
Confirm Jean-Philippe Mainz, Mogi Bayat's lawyer. "
My client got out of jail this afternoon. We could organize this exit discreetly. I did not want the press because Mr. Bayat is forbidden to talk to the press

This version is a positive point. It is the result of a war I led to attack the judge of questions and information that went in that direction
"Continues Mainz, who defends the famous player with Tom Bauwens.

Another player agent, Dejan Veljkovic, was released on bail last week after he signed a "reprimand" status to the federal prosecutor's office. "
We also see that Dejan Veljkovic has never worked with Mogi Bayat. The role we wanted to give to Mr. Bayat can not be exactly what we have announced
"Says Ma Mainz."
The Investigation Judge followed our last request for release two days ago. He considered that, taking into account the length of detention, Bayat was not questioned for 23 days, that it was no longer necessary to keep him in jail.
Thus, the examining magistrate did not wait until Friday, when a new hearing was held in front of the boardroom.

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