Monday , June 27 2022

Mogi Bayat, Laurent Denis and Thierry Steemans in front of the boardroom on Friday


The three defendants still in custody as part of a fraudulent practice investigation into the football community, namely Mogi Bayat, former lawyer Laurent Denis and financial director of Mechelen Thierry Steemans, will appear on Friday in front of House Tongeren the federal prosecutor said on Monday.

The three suspects were detained during the massive October 10 strike.

Mogi Bayat is being pursued for laundering and involvement in a criminal organization, Laurent Denis has probably used his third account to participate in money laundering, and Thierry Steemans is suspected of corrupting Waasland-Beveren club in an attempt to save his own, FC Malinois.

One of the main figures of the case, Constable Dejan Veljkovic, was released last week after making a "repentance" deal with the law.

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