Wednesday , May 31 2023

The Lotto Soudal camp begins with strong winds, Philippe Gilbert and Tim Wellens still in Monaco


The Lotto Soudal cycling team, led by Philippe Gilbert, Caleb Ewan, Tim Wellens and John Degenkolb, is actively preparing for the new season.

The Belgian team, which has settled on the Costa Blanca side, will remain in Spain until January 24. 27 runners are expected, separated into three bubbles to avoid coronavirus contamination as much as possible.

Full sun in Monaco for Gilbert, Wellens and Ewan

Part of the Belgian team arrived in Spain on Friday. Meanwhile, on the Monaco side, Philippe Gilbert swallowed 172 km in 6 hours with more than 3,000 m of vertical fall. An outing with Caleb Ewan and Tim Wellens. They could even enjoy the sun and the scenery.

Strong wind on the Costa Blanca

However, the weather is completely different in Spain. The Lotto Soudal team shared a video with a reassuring message … “It’s not the best time to start camp, but the weather forecast looks better for next week.”

Good news for the riders already present in the camp, who will not have to exchange their bikes with the coaches at home.

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