Thursday , August 11 2022

The Sulfur Frequencies of Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday: Why "an accident would not surprise"


Every day, the crowd of revelations about Johnny's estate and the conflict between his widow, Laeticia Hallyday, his disfavored elders, David Hallyday and Laura Smet. Author of the most observable They loved each other, journalist Lena Lutaud continues to promote his work, evoking Express the possibility of serious account settlements …

"It will never end", sang Johnny Hallyday during his life in 2008. It might end in bad luck, we lead someone to believe in the last issue of the magazine Express. After the excitement awakened by David Hallyday's sad confessions in the show Seven to eight, this Sunday, November 18, or the indignation raised by the last clip of the Hallyday idol, this Tuesday, November 20, is an interview with Lena Lutaud, the author of the book They loved each otherwhich disturbed the best point.

while Johnny's home, written only for the benefit of his widow Laeticia, complicated between the request to freeze her royalties, the assignment of the Bank of America, and the postponement of a hearing to determine the validity of her California, the journalist Figaro continues to promote his work, during which he has have already denounced the opaque communication of Laetitia and the hidden real estate.

In the pages of the page Express, published on November 21, Lena Lutaud goes on. Based on the words of an official of the Ministry of the Interior, she mentions " more layers which overlaps with this story. "Johnny, under relatives, then on motorcyclists, or drug distributors to each other, and even spies (Ardavan Amir-Aslani is a member of the leadership of Avisa Partner, an offensive electronic information company) or communicators », writes the journalist. And to conclude that his source at the Ministry of the Interior "Concerned about the tensions between all sides," that " an accident will not surprise him "because "Some protagonists awaken as much passion as hate." For the informant Lena Lutaud, Johnny's fortune is "A sensitive file."Cold ice, you said cool …

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