Sunday , November 28 2021

Thiago Silva pleads guiltily: "An error that makes us sick" – Champions League


Malfunction to the action that brings the Napolean penalty, the captain of Paris did not hide on Tuesday night.

The Special Envoy to Naples

What regrets … Certainly, PSG suffered earlier in the second half, with Gianluigi Buffon's fire for his purposes to counteract Neapolitan plans. In general, Thomas Tuchel's players signed a positive overall performance, intentions, commitment, game plan. Just like Captain Thiago Silva, authoritarian and well-inspired for many times. Up to 61 years olde minutes of play … Here was found "O Monstro", destroying the efforts of his team. Crude. Indeed, in a completely failed control, he put José Callejon in the game while he was in the offside position at the start of the action, and then, Buffon and himself threw himself on the Spanish to stop him. Error. Penalty. 1-1. "It's not a disappointment, we had a good match," the former Milanese said. Especially in the first period. In the second half, they put pressure, we were a little dangerous in the first quarter of an hour. I kept a little longer than usual and make an individual mistake, there is punishment … "

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And to add, about this incredible mistake: "I make a technical mistake. When I saw the ball, it was too close to me, and then it came back, and it was hard to come back … I do not know if it's Gigi or (Callejon, ed) But it is a mistake that hurts us Always do as much as possible for the team and today we have made a mistake But we have to continue to raise our heads.

It's always like that. This referee … Against Chelsea, it was the same, he expelled Zlatan (Ibrahimovic). And today it is still a mistake against us

If you could not read the coffee places, it was hard to know what would have been the result of the meeting without this blow of fate. But one thing is certain: here Paris loses two points. And with Liverpool's unexpected disappointment (2-0) in Belgrade, a victory in Italy would have allowed Red and Blue to make a huge shot to take over in Pool C. "This draw, this is not the end, promises Thiago Silva, who has given the mouths to those who repeatedly testify that he is unreliable in major encounters with this mistake. We have two games to play, we must continue and believe until the end, will be a good match against the Liverpool team and it will win The four teams can still qualify It's hard But it's the Champions League It's always like that It depends only on ourselves If we win the last two games we are qualified We have to work harder to we continue to win. "If possible, on November 28, against the Reds by Jurgen Klopp, at the park.

For the good memory of Björn Kuipers

We imagine that Mr. Kuipers will not whistle this time. A name that did not evoke those good memories of the Parisians before the match, with this Chelsea-PSG in 2015 … "And I think there was a punishment (not whistle) for us, referring to Juan Bernat's guilt in the realm of truth, in the second period, it's always so … This referee … Against Chelsea, it was the same, he expelled Zlatan (Ibrahimovic), and today it is still a mistake against us. to forget what the referee did, to think about us and to continue working. "

Work to avoid an air hole like the one at the beginning of the second period, for example … It is indeed an avalanche of fires and hotter situations that have paralyzed the Parisians in their camp after they played so big and good before the break. I waited for a reaction by Carlo Ancelotti's players. But from there to see Paris suffers so much … "Napoli pushed back to score, it corrects the Brazilian.There are many good players.We have trouble in the first quarter of an hour.We tried to keep ourselves, but it's still hard to play here, we've recognized the equalizer and started playing again, but I did not leave with the three points, unfortunately … "A great opportunity missed. As Thiago Silva said, it is not over and the PSG still has its destiny in his hands.

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